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Most Searched Travel Destinations Around The World

Many Globetrotters have a favourite destination where they frequently return, becoming something of a seasonal local.  Most often travel is used to visit a location for the very first time.  Some people travel for the novelty, culture, history, cuisine or even to shop.  Here are some travel destinations most searched by people.

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It is not surprising to see Hawaii on the top spot.  The islands are tourist-friendly with everything from nightlife to hiking to surfing.  The Honolulu marathon is in December and Iron Man in October, drawing athletes to the islands, but for hobbyists and islands have kayaking, hiking and other water sports on offer.


The most popular of Caribbean destination, the Bahamas include about 2,000 islands, including San Salvador where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492.  Junkanoo is a local celebration not to be missed – there are costumes, cowbells and conch-shell horns.  Parades take place on Boxing and New Year’s Days.


London was the top choice of European destinations.  The Spring and Fall offer the best weather, but London is magical during the Christmas and New Year’s season with lots of celebrations going on.  It really depends on whether you plan to include museums, operas, visiting London’s parts or visiting historic sites.


On the edge of both Europe and Asia, Istanbul’s urban locale is a melting pot, featuring world-class shopping, restaurants, historic landmarks and nightlife.  The Hagia Sofia is a favourite – the world’s largest cathedral for almost a thousand years and most visited museums and prominent monuments in the world in terms of art and the history of architecture.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is easily accessible for US citizens as they don’t even require a passport.  Some call it “the beach of the Northeast” because of the plethora of tourists who come down from the US to catch the sun.  The busy tourist season runs from November through to April each year.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination for both surf and yoga retreats.  The best season coincides with winter in Europe and the US when it is Costa Rica’s dry season, making its beaches more hospitable.  Expect to see lots of families travelling together over winter or spring breaks.


Rome is most heavy with tourists during Lent and Easter, due to the Easter Sunday Mass which is held in St Peter’s Square.  In August, most locals are out of town on their own vacations.  In the Summer months, the temperatures can reach high temperatures which are the perfect excuse for a gelato.


Jamaica is both a wedding and honeymoon destination.  There are great beaches but also a deep culture and of course, great reggae.  It has been said that November is the best time to visit Jamaica as its the tail end of the hurricane season and just shy of on-season pricing.


With its hot and humid weather, life moves slowly in Seychelles.  Popular dishes on the islands include Creole, coconuts and curries, as well as their local beer which is light and refreshing.  There are a number of locations for snorkelling to catch a glimpse of tropical fish, sea turtles and eagle rays.  If snorkelling is not your thing then why not opt for a glass-bottom boat where you can stay dry.


Bali is the favourite destination in Asia and is home to world-class surfing and diving.  Black sand beaches, active volcanoes and beachside resorts all draw tourists throughout the year.  The Hindu influence on the culture is apparent in many festivals throughout the year, including Galungan (30 May to 9 June 2018) and the Hindu New Year (in March or April).

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