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Ray of Sunshine for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link?

Every few months, it seems like the hot-button topic of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link makes its way back into the news. So, it was no surprise when the Premier Daniel Andrews brought up the topic at a recent business meeting.

Ray of Sunshine for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link

Ray of Sunshine for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link

Development of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link is Back On – Maybe!

In 2016, we published a blog that discussed a recent press conference held by the Roads Minister. The press conference discussed the future of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Project. At that time, the Roads Minister was insistent that the Project was no longer a priority. This has now changed – at least according to the Premier.

Let the Project Begin!

The status of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Project moved from halted to ‘back on’ after a recent meeting was held on Thursday 23rd November. During that meeting, the Premier stated that not only was the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Project back on but that it would start a lot sooner than anyone expected.

Andrews stated that the Melbourne Airport Rail Link Project had already entered the planning phase, with plans afoot to, “Unlock western and northern Victoria.” Once the plans are set, construction for the Project will begin within 10 years.

No specific details were provided regarding the planning of the Project, but architects and other individuals at that meeting were reassured that planning had begun and everyone is ready to move forward with the Project. Details focus on a recent submission by Rail Futures, a private venture of transport planners and engineers who proposed an airport rail line through Sunshine that would enable Bendigo-bound trains running through the Airport. The ultimate aim would be to establish a rail link that would commute from the CBD to the Airport in fifteen minutes.

The Uncertain Future for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link

The future for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link is still uncertain. Things tend to change on a monthly basis and Mr Andrews’ plans have already come under intense scrutiny and ridicule by the Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis who stated, “This isn’t an announcement, it’s a media stunt.” For now, supporters of the Project can celebrate the announcement that this much-needed public transportation expansion is now a priority. However, as with all things related to this Project and politics in general, things could change in an instant. We will just have to wait and see what happens!

While many people are hoping for a faster way to get to the airport, they will just have to wait a little bit longer. The Melbourne Airport Rail Link may happen in the future, but right now, the focus is on roads and expansions, which is great news for those needing offsite Melbourne airport parking.

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