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The Myths About Frequent Flyer Points

Brand loyalty is outdated in the airline business. Travellers, in an effort to get the biggest bang for their buck, will go with the airline that offers the cheapest tickets over one that has a recognisable brand name. This type of thinking has caused many airlines to lose customers.

In an effort to bring customers back into the fold and increase revenue, more and more airlines are starting to offer frequent flyer programs. Unfortunately, many travellers are reluctant to sign up for these types of programs because of some of the misconceptions surrounding them.

Working around the travel industry has taught us here at Ace Airport Parking that many travellers don’t sign up due to a lack of understanding of the programs. In an effort to clear up confusion, we have created a brief guide that will help debunk some of the myths surrounding frequent flyer programs.

The Myths About Frequent Flyer Points

The Myths About Frequent Flyer Points                                                     Photo credit: frankieleon/ Flickr

Myth #1: Frequent Flyer Points are Only Good for the Issuing Airline

There is an assumption that earned frequent flyer points can only be used to redeem flights with the airline that issued them. While this may be true for some programs, it isn’t true for all.

Some frequent flyer programs work with partnering airlines. Travellers may be able to book discounted or free flights using frequent flyer points with these partnering airlines.

Why is this important? It is important because it allows you to expand your flight options when it comes to redeeming your frequent flyer points. If the program works with a partnering airline, you will have more flights and dates to choose from when trying to redeem your points.

Myth #2: Travelling is the Only Way to Earn Points

A common misconception is that frequent flyer points can only be earned when booking flights. While this will certainly earn you the most points, it isn’t the only way to earn points.

Many airline frequent flyer programs offer alternative ways to earn points. Using a specific credit card, eating at certain restaurants, or shopping at certain retail outlets are just some of the ways you can earn extra points with a frequent flyer program.

The Myths About Frequent Flyer Points

The Myths About Frequent Flyer Points

Myth #3: There are More Blackout Dates than Available Dates to Redeem Points

Blackout dates refer to specific days airlines will not allow people to use their frequent flyer points to redeem discounted or free flights. Many travellers are under the assumption that airlines have numerous blackout dates. So many blackout dates that it is almost impossible to redeem a free flight.

The truth is most airlines have eliminated blackout dates. Now, they require you to use more points to earn a free flight if you are travelling on important dates, such as around Easter, Christmas, or the New Year.

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