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Melbourne Airport Parking Profits Sky-High

Major airports all across the country find themselves the center of attention once again when it comes to how much of their profits come from car parking facilities. It is a topic that has been talked about in the past, but a new report released this week from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission focussed the spotlight once more on just how much the airports make from the fees associated with car parking.

Melbourne Airport Carpark

Melbourne Airport Carpark                                           Photo credit: jeremyeanlittle on Visual HuntCC BY

How Much Did Airports Earn Collectively from Airport Parking?

When the profits of the four major Australian airports were combined, the number was shockingly sky-high. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission believed that all the airports made a total of $280 million in profits for the 2016-2017 reporting period. That is just profits for the fees collected from people to park in or around the airports.

How Much Did Each Airport Pocket in Profits from Car Parking?

Seeing the $280 million in profits from car parking is shocking, but what is truly shocking is how much each airport made in profits. The breakdown of profits from car parking for each airport looks like this:

  • Sydney Airport – $97 million
  • Melbourne Tullamarine Airport – $86.7 million
  • Brisbane Airport – $63.7 million
  • Perth Airport – $33 million

The report shows that Sydney Airport brought in the most money from car parking facilities, but Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport was close behind with its planned expansion so there is a possibility profits can only increase.

Just How Much Does Car Parking Account for Total Airport Revenue?

Even though it seems like airports make the majority of their profits from car parking facilities, it actually doesn’t makeup as much of the overall airport revenue as people may think. Depending upon the airport, car parking fees only account for 9.5% to 15.6% of the airport’s total revenue. In some cases, it accounts for more.

Each airport made the following amount of their overall profits from car parking fees:

  • Brisbane and Perth Airports – 9.5% to 15.6% of overall profits for the airport
  • Sydney Airport – 21.2% of overall profits for the airport
  • Melbourne Tullamarine Airport – 32.3% percent of overall profits

How Can You Save on Car Parking Fees?

Given how much airports make on car parking fees, it is safe to assume that the price to park at the airport won’t be decreasing any time soon. If you need to pick up a friend from the airport or find a car parking facility to watch your car while you are on holiday, here are some things you can do to try and save money on car parking.

Some ways to save on car parking include:

  • Shop around and compare prices for the car parking facilities. Some facilities aren’t located within walking distance to the airport, but they are close enough that a shuttle can drive you there.
  • Book in advance
  • Make reservations online
  • Consider taking public transportation when available

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