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Melbourne Airport Myths You Should Take with a Pinch of Salt! – Part 2

Travelling through Melbourne Airport you always hear a fable or two.  Our first post explored some of the most common myths people hear about airport travel. Unfortunately, there are just so many myths out there that it was impossible to debunk them all in one blog post!

In an effort to make you a well-informed traveller, we explore some of the other common travel myths.

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Myth #11 – It is Cheaper to Book a Return Trip

There is a belief that when you book a return trip ticket, it will be cheaper than booking two one-way tickets. This belief stems from the fact people think the airlines will give you a discount for purchasing the tickets all at once. Unfortunately, they don’t.

Sometimes booking two one-way tickets may be cheaper than a return ticket. It just depends on when you are travelling and with what airline. Explore both options before booking your flight to see which is cheapest.

Myth #12 – Customs will Limit the Amount of Alcohol You Can Bring In

The limit on alcohol placed by customs isn’t on how much you bring in; the limit is on your duty-free amount. Technically, you could bring in 5, 6, or 7 bottles of wine you just need to be prepared to pay duties on it.  You can find out more about duty-free allowances here.

Myth #13 – Airlines Raise Ticket Prices Every Year

A number of factors go into determining airline ticket prices. The Cost of fuel, taxes, and when you are travelling all impact the price of your ticket. Some factors, such as fuel costs, will increase and decrease over time. This means your airline ticket may be higher or lower than in years past depending upon the price of fuel. Some airlines that are based in tax-free zones, like the U.A.E. will have little tax in accordance with their state laws.

Myth #14 – Dress to Impress for a Seat Upgrade

How you are dressed plays no role in whether or not you get that coveted seat upgrade. Other factors such as space and frequent flyer status will determine if you get a free seat upgrade on your next flight.

Myth #15 – Asking for an Upgrade at the Gate May Get You One

Seat upgrades are extremely hard to get. Airlines no longer just offer them to you if you ask. If you purchase an economy ticket, be prepared to sit in economy, as you probably won’t be magically upgraded to business or first class.  Some airlines however, do allow you to move seats once the cabin doors are closed, this might be whilst still on the runway, or after they get to their cruising altitude, so pick that seat you want and be prepared to snag it quickly.  That entire row to yourself won’t be there for long!

Myth #16 – Some Airports are Extremely Dangerous and Susceptible to Bad Landings

No airport is considered dangerous. All airports are designed to allow pilots to safely land.

There are challenging airports. Challenging airports require the pilot to be more aware of their surroundings while landing, but they are not dangerous. Any international airport that handles large commercial jets have to abide by strict building codes, but unseen factors such as weather can never be planned for.

Myth #17 – X-Ray Scanners at Airports will give you Radiation Poisoning

Airport scanners do give off a bit of radiation, but not enough to give you radiation poisoning. You would literally have to go through the scanner thousands of times a day to be exposed to enough radiation that your health would be at risk.

Myth #18 – There are No Delays when Travelling in the Summer

People think that because the weather is nicer in the summer, it means fewer delays. That isn’t true. Summer weather comes with thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other problems that can delay your flight. If you are unfortunate enough to be travelling during the busy summer holidays, you can expect some flight delays.

Myth #19 – Visas Can Only be Obtained Upon Arrival

When travelling internationally, you will have two options for how to obtain a visa. You can get the visa in person by visiting a local embassy, or you can apply for it online. Online visas allow you to be approved quickly for the visas without having to wait. Due to changing security concerns, most Western countries will deny you entry without the correct pre-approved visa.

Now that you know this information, you can be a well-informed traveller the next time you travel.

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