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Luggage limits – What are the weight limits for luggage?

Before you head to the airport with your bags, there is one thing that could wreck your holiday before it starts – luggage limits!

The last thing you want to do is arrive at the airport only to discover that your luggage weighs too much or you have too many bags.  Of course, you could still board the flight, but you will have to pay a hefty fee to either get the overweight bag on the plane, ship it home or as some do, put every item of clothing on.

Can you actually circumvent an airline’s luggage limits fee by turning up at the airport with all your clothes on?

We recommend before going to the airport that you check what the luggage limits are for your particular airline.  In an effort to help save you time, we have gathered some of the basic information for luggage limits for some of the most popular Australian airlines.


Luggage limits - What are the weight limits for luggage?

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Virgin Australia Luggage Limits

Carry-on Limit

Virgin Australia has a carry-on limit for all its passengers.  Passengers are permitted to bring two carry-on items aboard the plane.  These items must be able to be stored in the overhead compartment and they may not weigh more than 7 kgs.

Checked Bag Limits

Virgin Australia have different limits depending on whether you are a regular traveller or one who is a frequent flyer.  The following checked bag limits are for basic travellers.

  • Economy – 1 free checked bag for domestic and international flights.  Bags must weigh less than 23 kgs and cannot exceed 140 cm.
  • Saver Lite Fare – Carry-on bags are included, but checked bags are not included in the ticket price.
  • Premium Economy – only available on international flights to Los Angeles or Abu Dhabi.  Los Angeles flights have a checked limit of 2 bags.  The bags cannot exceed 32 kgs in weight. Abu Dhabi flights have a checked limit which can vary – the bags cannot exceed 32 kgs.
  • Business Fares – Los Angeles flights have a limit of two bags which cannot exceed 32 kgs.  Abu Dhabi flights have a total maximum weight of 40 kgs, with a single bag not exceeding 32 kgs.

Jetstar Luggage Limits

Carry-on Limit

Economy and business travellers have different carry-on limits for travelling on Jetstar.

  • Economy – one carry-on bag plus a personal item is allowed.  Each item cannot exceed 7 kgs in weight.
  • Business – two carry-on items are allowed.  Weight cannot exceed 7 kgs and the items cannot exceed the maximum dimensions of 56cm x 36 cm x 23 cm.

Checked Luggage Limits

  • Economy Starter – No checked bag is included in the price.  Travellers pay extra for a checked bag.
  • Economy Starter Plus Fare – 1 x 20 kg bag is included in the price with an option to pay for an additional bag.
  • Economy Starter Max – 1 x 30 kg bag is included with option to pay for an additional 10 kg bag.
  • Business – 1 x 30 kg bag is included with option to pay for an additional 10 kg bag.

Tigerair Luggage Limits

Carry-on Limit

All passengers are allowed to take 2 carry-on items onto the plane. The items must not exceed a combined weight of 7 kgs. For an added fee, passengers can add an additional 5 kgs to their carry-on limit.

Checked Luggage Limits

Tigerair does not include checked luggage in the price of their ticket. Passengers must pay an additional charge for their checked luggage. The price will vary depending upon how much the luggage weighs.

Qantas Luggage Limits

Carry-on Limit

Passengers are allowed to bring 2 carry-on items. The combined weight of the carry-on items cannot be more than 7 kgs. The items cannot have greater dimensions than 105 cm for domestic flights and 115 cm for international flights.

 Checked Luggage Limits

  • Economy – 1 x 23 kg bag is included for domestic flights. Flights to North America include 2 x 23 kg bags, while international flights have unlimited bags with a combined weight limit of 30 kgs.
  • Premium Economy – North and South American flights have a limit of 2 x 23 kg bags while international flights have a limit of multiple bags with a combined weight of 40 kgs.
  • Business – 2 x 23 kg bags are included for domestic flights and 3 bags are allowed on international flights.
  • First Class – 3 x 32 kg bags are allowed on North and South American flights. International flights have a combined 50 kg limit.

Use this information when next you travel to avoid having to do the luggage reshuffle at check-in or paying a hefty fee to check overweight bags.

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