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Car Park goes Jurassic with Hamish and Andy

The Velociraptor may have lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago, but Fox FM’s Hamish and Andy have found one to capture the reactions of co-workers as they try to tame the beast. Having access to the most realistic dinosaur in the world is such an unfair advantage when scaring co-workers in a car park at Melbourne Airport Parking

Hamish and Andy capture a Velociraptor in a car park

Hamish and Andy capture a Velociraptor in a car park –

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Their ‘Jurassic Carpark’ prank saw a very realistic Velociraptor, some 9 metres in length hide amongst parked cars before jumping out on the duo’s unsuspecting co-workers.

If you’d like to get up close and personal with a Velociraptor, the Jurassic World Exhibition is currently on at the Melbourne Museum just in time for the school holidays, until October 9.  More information can be found at the Museum Victoria website.

But if you want to get as far away from a dinosaur as possible, you may want to get on a plane at Melbourne Airport.  We promise we don’t have any Velociraptors in our car park, so your trip will be hassle free (and dinosaur free).

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