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Completely Random Aviation Facts

We have gathered some weird, interesting and completely random aviation facts which you may not know. Whether you are an expert traveller who wants to know more about the aviation industry or someone who just likes to gather unique tidbits and facts on various topics. Here are some facts that involve airlines from all over the world.

Random and interesting aviation facts

Random and interesting aviation facts

The Money Saving “Olive”

American Airlines, US based airline, tried to save money by removing a single olive from their salads. It might not sound like much, but it helped them save over $40,000 USD every year.

Cost of Feeding Passengers

Purchasing food for airline passengers can be extremely expensive. Singapore Airlines is a great example of how much it can cost to feed passengers for an entire year. The airline estimates that it costs over $700 million to feed their passengers. Add the $16 million it costs to serve wine and that’s a lot of money!

Going Paperless Saves Trees and Money

The manuals pilots were given were often printed out on paper. Not only was that not the best for the environment, but it also cost airlines a lot in fuel charges. American Airlines made the switch from paper manuals to electronic ones and ended up saving $1.2 million in fuel costs via weight savings.

Historical Aviation Facts

These facts will make you look like a history buff when it comes to the aviation industry.

Did you know that the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) is the oldest airline in the entire world was established in 1919.

Qantas is the second oldest airline in the world and was established in 1920.

Even Airports Change Names

JFK Airport is one of the busiest, most popular airports in the US, but it wasn’t always known by that name. It was originally called Idlewild Airport.

The First Electronic Check-Ins

In 1999, Alaska Airlines became the first airline to introduce Internet-based check-ins.

The Year of Business Class

In 1979 Qantas introduced the concept of business class.  Before that time, airline passengers only had the option of flying first class or cabin. This concept was then quickly taken up by other airlines

Did you know?

  • Every airline has a protocol that requires each of the pilots to consume different meals. This is a precautionary measure to prevent all pilots from getting food poisoning.
  • Most airlines use Boeing 747 planes. The engines that power these planes are extremely heavy. Each engine weighs approximately 4,300 kg or 9,500 pounds.
  • It takes over 6 million parts to create a single Boeing 747.

While these facts might not help you check in faster or secure a better seat, you can use this information to impress your family and friends next time you are travelling.

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