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How To Get That Precious Seat Upgrade

Let’s face it when leaving out of Melbourne Airport, most overseas trips are a long-haul flight which will leave you wanting to know the cure for jetlag, but we all have dreams of flying in style at the pointy end of the place, but don’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars to upgrade your ticket to first class? If you know what were talking about, then you might be in luck. The team at Ace Airport Parking are here to offer you some little-known tips and tricks that just might land you a seat upgrade and often coveted complimentary upgrade to business or first class.

upgrade your chances of an upgrade

Dress to impress – it’s important to look the part!                                                    Photo credit: Pixabay

It is All in How You Dress

Dress to impress if you wish to land a complimentary seat upgrade, especially on a long haul flight. This doesn’t mean you have to pull out your Sunday best or your three-piece business suit, but you do need to look professional.

Why does the way you dress matter? To put it simply, because the airline – and the other first class passengers who paid for their upgrade grade – tend to want to know that their fellow passengers are going to be quiet, polite, and professional. Since there is no time to get to know you personally, the only way to judge you is on how you dress.

Try to be as Polite and Nice to Gate Agents and Other Airline Workers

Travelling can be frustrating and stressful. This often results in travellers acting out through their words and actions. We have even seen the nicest people get a little testy as take-off time gets closer. Unfortunately, this is not the way to act if you want a complimentary seat upgrade.

Kindness will be rewarded when you are looking for a seat upgrade. Make sure you are polite and nice to every person you encounter. Even if you get frustrated, just think about how comfortable that first class seat will feel and push your bad attitude to the side.

Listen to the Last Minute Announcements at the Gate

Occasionally, airlines will have a last minute request for volunteers to give up their seat. The reason for this request could range from an individual who has an urgent last-minute travel emergency and needs to get to a location by a certain date to a family who was unable to book seats together. No matter the reason, consider giving up your seat.

Volunteering to give up your seat might just result in an amazing reward. If the airline is unable to get you onto the flight you were supposed to be on, they will reschedule you for the next flight and you just might find yourself sitting in business or first class!

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to getting a first class seat upgrade. It really is all a game of chance. Some people will succeed, some people won’t. Trying these tips and tricks will improve your chances of getting a complimentary upgrade.

Even if you are unable to land a complimentary seat upgrade, there is still one way to travel in style – using Ace Airport Parking. When you choose to use our Melbourne airport parking facility, you will feel like a first class passenger no matter where your ticket says you are sitting! Start your journey in a relaxed frame of mind with our Valet Parking Melbourne Airport. Our fast, free shuttle buses will see you to Melbourne airport in under seven minutes, and you can even treat your car to a wash and service whilst away.

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