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Holiday Tech Tips to Keep You Safe

Tech gadgets should be treated with care while on holiday. They are in as much danger as you are, maybe even more so. Before you head out on your next planned holiday, brush up on these holiday tech tips to increase the chances of keeping your gadgets safe.

Holiday Tech Tips

Holiday Tech Tips                                                                                                                      Photo on

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

It is tempting to jump on an easily accessible Wi-Fi signal, but it can be dangerous. Hackers can gain access to everything from your personal bank account information to your email passwords.

If you need to access the Internet, use a VPN or consider investing in mobile data. These are safer options than public Wi-Fi.

Keep Updated on Travel Alerts

Don’t go out into the world not knowing what you are about to face. Take time to download the Smarttraveller app. This free app will alert you should any travel alert occur.

Smarttraveller allows you to provide information which will also allow the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to contact you in case of an emergency. This is extremely helpful should a natural disaster or other emergency occur.

Create a Map before Arriving

Don’t just wing it when you arrive in a new city. Use a map and plan out exactly where you will need to go. This will prevent you from getting lost in a foreign city. If possible, attempt to memorise your planned routes to avoid you looking like a tourist every time you whip out the map!

Keep All Important Information Close

Take a few moments to create an encrypted file that contains all the important information you could ever want or need while travelling. In the file, include things such as travel plans, hotel reservations, frequent flyer numbers, emergency contacts, and passport numbers.

Take Precautions to Protect Credit Cards

Thieves are going high-tech. They have the capabilities to use a scanning device that will read your credit card information even if the card is still in your wallet.

Take the steps to protect your credit cards. Use a RFID blocking holder. This will prevent your cards from being scanned.

Stay Alert While Using Your Tech Gadgets

Don’t spend your entire holiday looking down at your smartphone. Not only will you miss some amazing things, but it could also be dangerous.

Thieves often look for people who are preoccupied. If you are looking at your tech gadget, thieves could come up and try to steal your wallet, valuables and the gadget. Stay safe and only check your phone when you are in a safe place.

Keep a Copy of Your Passport

Before leaving on your holiday, make a copy of your passport and keep the copy with you at all times. This will prove helpful should your passport ever be stolen.

Turn on Smartphone Tracking

Turn on the tracking feature on your smartphone. In the event your phone is lost or stolen, you will be able to track it down.

Keep Banking Info Handy

A lot can go wrong while you are out of the country on holiday. Keep a list of bank phone numbers, such as reverse charge phone numbers and customer service numbers. If you should have to call your bank, you will have the information nearby and won’t have to spend valuable time searching for it.

Pack Extra Chargers

Mobile batteries can drain quickly when you are travelling. Pack extra chargers in your carry-on and even consider purchasing an additional charger.

Choose the Bag you Use Wisely

Try to find bags to carry your tech gadgets in that don’t advertise you have tech gadgets. The less the bag looks like a camera bag or laptop bag, the less likely you are to be a target for criminals.

Take Photos of All Your Tech Gadgets

Take the time to photograph all your tech gadgets you are taking with you on holiday. If they should be lost or stolen, these photos will prove helpful when you are making an insurance claim.

Stay safe while on holiday and follow these handy holiday tech tips from Ace Airport Parking.

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