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Holiday Hacks for Travelling on a Weak Aussie Dollar

Just because the Aussie dollar is weak – weaker than it has ever been in years, doesn’t mean you have to stay domestically and not travel internationally. It just means that you have to be extra careful when planning your holiday.

The Australian Dollar

The Australian Dollar

What Happens When the Aussie Dollar is Weak?

A weakened Aussie dollar means that lots of things – from food and toiletries to airfare and hotels – have higher price tags that can make a serious dent in your budget.  Luckily, with careful planning and a little research, you can still enjoy an international holiday without having to spend a fortune.

Holiday Hack #1 – Consider Down-Starring

Staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel is wonderful and luxurious, but when the Aussie dollar is weak that 4 or 5 star hotel can take up a lot of your holiday budget.  To save money, consider down-starring.

There are many, many hotels that are 3 stars which are just as nice as the 4 and 5 star hotels.  Booking your stay at those hotels will allow you to enjoy similar comfort you would get from 4 or 5 star hotels without having to spend a lot.

The best part is the money you save by booking a 3 star hotel can be used for other things such as tours, dining, or souvenirs.

Holiday Hack #2 – Start Planning Months Ahead of Time and Book Flights, Hotels, and Other Items in Advance

Start searching for deals on hotels, flights and other items such as tour guides, activities, or rental cars, in advance.  This gives you the opportunity to snag some wonderful deals that could save you a lot of money.

Booking in advance will also help you in the event the Aussie dollar continues to weaken.  Since you booked in advance, you are paying that amount and you aren’t going to have to pay even more because the dollar weakened.

Holiday Hack #3 – Plan for the “Little Things” for Your Trip

It might not seem like a big deal to grab a cup of coffee in the morning when you are at home, but continuing that routine while out and about on holiday could get costly.  Make sure you take time to research approximately how much some of the “little things”, such as snacks, beverages, toiletries, food and basic essentials, will cost you while on holiday.

Other Holiday Hacks

Other things you can do to make it easier to travel on a weak Aussie dollar include:

  • Looking for free offers – hotels often offer free breakfasts with stays or complimentary shuttles to/from the airport
  • Pay attention to currency exchange rates and exchange money when the deal is good
  • Make sure you’re aware of how much everything is costing even if you are paying in local currency – this helps you understand your budget better
  • Do research and see if any of your favourite activities can be done at a lower cost

Travelling on a weak Aussie dollar isn’t ideal, but it’s not impossible.  Try these holiday hacks and you should be able to enjoy going on an international holiday without spending a fortune.  If you want to get great value regardless of the dollar, book a spot at Ace Airport Parking before you leave!  We have a fantastic range of great value Melbourne airport parking options for both undercover and outdoor parking, long-term or short term, using our convenient online booking form.  We also offer valet parking for those that want to drop and go, as well as regular fast and free shuttle buses that will drop you at your terminal.

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