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Healthcations – The Healthy Holiday Alternative Taking 2018 By Storm

Healthcations are the healthy holiday alternative taking 2018 by storm.

Your New Year’s resolution may have been to feel better and healthier.  Rather than jumping on a treadmill, did you know that the wellness tourism is the fastest growing trend in travel?  Here are our top “healthcations” for you to consider.


Healthcations - The Healthy Holiday Alternative

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Yoga Retreats

There are plenty of yoga retreats that combine meditation with yoga as well as adding a healthy dose of the good of old-fashioned fun.  These retreats offer a light-hearted approach to yoga with an attitude to make everyone feel welcome.

Another increasing popular retreat which combines the adrenalin rush of surfing with the calming benefits of yoga.  Surf Maroc offers the best of both worlds at their Yoga Surf Retreats on the exotic coast of Morocco.  Guests will be guided through a progressive exploration of all aspects of yoga while enjoying daily surf excursions and its suitable for all levels.

Natural Hot Springs

Naturally occurring hot springs around the world are packed with restorative minerals which are thought to assist with problems like back pain and arthritis.

In Japan, hot springs or onsen can be a great therapy to ease tired muscles after a day on the slopes.  You will find indoor and outdoor onsens scattered throughout the country and they are generally accessible by staying at a traditional inn (ryokan) or by visiting public bathhouses.  For something, a little different, Spa World in Osaka offers themed spas which look like something from Ancient Rome and Atlantis.  The Yunessun hot spring theme park in Hakone gives you the opportunity to bathe in coffee or wine.

Cycle Your Way Through the French Countryside

Why not ditch the rest and relaxation in favour of a more adventurous holiday.  What better way to see the French countryside than on a cycling tour?

There are numerous tour companies such as Burgundy Bike Tours and Cyclomundo.  They both offer trips ranging from half-day expeditions to longer cycling holidays and will even custom build them for you.  From Provence to Normandy, the Loire Valley and everywhere in between, you can tour your favourite part of the real France at a relaxed pace.  With all that exercise means that you can feast on cheese without any of the guilt.

Digital Detox

It’s getting more and more difficult to switch off.  We are becoming increasingly glued to our screens which can negatively impact our concentration, our productivity and our ability to truly relax.

There are a number of tech-free retreats such as Its Time To Log Off.  Attendees give up their smartphones and gadgets in favour of a mindful connection with the great outdoors.  The detox will also be alcohol-free and a plant-based diet.  They offer a range of group activities like hiking, kite-flying and even story-telling which will provide meaningful connections with other participants while having fun and just be in the moment.

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