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Fly Melbourne to Auckland in the Best Business Class Seat

Thinking of travelling from Melbourne to Auckland for work or an upcoming holiday? Why not consider purchasing a business class seat for the flight across the Tasman.

People who travel economy often complain that they get off the plane feeling tired, stressed, and fatigued. A business class seat may be more expensive than a regular economy seat, but it can make a huge difference in how you feel while travelling, and the perks of the extra expense can be worth the outlay.

Imagine being able to reach your final destination – Auckland – and walk off the plane feeling relaxed, energised, and ready to explore or conduct business. That is exactly how you could feel if you decided to travel in business class.

If you are thinking of spending a little extra money and travelling business class, we can help you. We have created a comprehensive guide that will answer some of your questions regarding business class travel to Auckland.

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Which Airlines Offer Business Class Seats?

Not every airline that offers flights to Auckland will have a wide selection of business class seats available for passengers. Some airlines, such as discounted airlines, focus more on fitting a lot of people in a plane at one time as opposed to offering comfortable business class seats to travellers.

For those who wish to travel business class, the following airlines offer business class seats:

  • Emirates
  • Air New Zealand
  • Virgin Australia
  • Qantas

These are some of the most popular airlines that offer business class seats. Other airlines may offer business class, especially if they are known for providing long-haul trips to the United States or some parts of Europe.

What Airline is Best for My Upcoming Trip to Auckland?

The term ‘business class’ will vary depending upon what airline you choose to use for your upcoming trip to Auckland. Some airlines offer comfortable seats that are similar to economy, but softer and more luxurious. Other airlines focus more on offering a relaxing trip, which is why they offer seats that can be pulled out into full beds.

The airline you choose to use will depend upon what time you will be flying and what you plan on doing on the plane. If you plan on working, you may want to opt for a softer, more comfortable business class seat that reclines, but doesn’t pull out into a full bed. However, if you want to get some sleep before you land, you may want to go with an airline that offers reclining seats or full pullout beds. Emirates are often the airline of choice for the Auckland trip as it is part of a full international service that flies on from Auckland to other destinations. Therefore, their planes are often the most modern, well-equipped flights available. Some regular business passengers make the point that while it may be convenient to have a flatbed seat; it is often pointless on a four-hour flight as it gets little use. A major selling point of using Emirates is their superior lounges at both ends of the flight, with many passengers complaining that the Qantas lounge at Auckland is several years overdue for an upgrade.

To help with your decision making here is an overview of what some of them offer in business class:

  • Emirates – full service bar that will instantly serve freshly made drinks, pullout beds, private compartments, and a private mini-bar at your seat. Also has a superior lounge at both terminals
  • Air New Zealand – Fully flat beds, direct aisle access, access to the business lounge
  • Qantas – Comfortable seats with padded foot and leg rests more suited to those wishing to work than rest but spacious seats that prevent you from bumping your neighbours next to you
  • Virgin Australia – Comfortable seats, plenty of arm and legroom, ability to fully recline. Business class seats are limited to eight per flight, meaning you have to be quick to secure a seat, but it offers a more personalised level of service.

Flying from Melbourne to Auckland doesn’t have to be stressful or tiring. Use our guide and consider upgrading to business class to leave your flight refreshed and energised.

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