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Fancy A Road Trip down Tasmania’s East Coast?

There’s nothing quite like going on a road trip.  So grab your keys and head to Tasmania’s east coast.  With its translucent waters, its collection of secluded beaches and blazing granite rocks – what more could you possibly want?

Why not embark on the Great Eastern Drive down Tasmania’s east coast.  The journey will lead you to many of Tasmania’s most delicious experiences in some of its most beautiful locations. The east coast’s mild climate creates perfect growing conditions for the state’s premium fresh produce, from sweet berries, nuts, fine wines, award-winning cheeses and the freshest seafood imaginable. The region has long attracted passionate growers, producers, winemakers, cheesemakers and chefs, whose creations are just waiting for you to try.

Take a weekend, a few days or longer to explore, feast and drive around. Break your journey at a bed and breakfast with an ocean view, a luxury lodge or coastal retreat.  Take a cruise down the east coast’s beaches, kayak along the coast or simply walk along its famous beaches.

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Bay of Fires

Famous for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches and orange lichen-covered granite boulders, the Bay of Fires is one of Tasmania’s most popular conservation reserves. The Bay of Fires conservation area extends along the coast from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north.

Its name refers to the Aboriginal fires spotted by Captain Tobias Furneaux when he sailed past in 1773, but it could also apply to the brilliant orange lichen that grows on the granite boulders lining the bay.

The Bay of Fires area contains rocky gullies, with many small secluded beaches and inlets to explore. Binalong Bay is the area’s main beach – a beautiful stretch of white sand and clear water for swimming, snorkelling, surfing or simply relaxing.

There’s a wealth of local wildlife to discover, including birds that can be encountered on self-guided and guided walks. The area is renowned for game fishing. The offshore reefs contain rich marine biodiversity that attracts divers and snorkelers.

Accommodation is available in and around Binalong Bay, including remote eco-lodges. The coastal town of St Helens is located at the southern entrance to the conservation area and offers more places to stay, plus services and facilities.

Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park

Located out into the sea on Tasmania’s east coast is the rugged and beautiful Freycinet National Park and Peninsula.  Towering pink-hued mountains, known as the Hazards, shadow the landscape and at their foot are the calm, blue waters of Wineglass Bay. Explore the picturesque beaches, dine on an abundance of fresh seafood and spend the night at one of Australia’s exclusive luxury lodges.

Freycinet National Park offers a wide variety of activities. Take a walk to the pass overlooking the perfectly shaped Wineglass Bay, trek the entire length of the Freycinet Peninsula or stroll along the beach, take a swim or simply go bird watching and wildlife spotting.

Tasmania’s east coast will give you an adventure, wide-open spaces to explore and the feeling of having an entire, pristine beach to yourself.  You can wake up each morning and step straight onto the beach and enjoy the sheer joy of swimming in warm, crystal-clear waters – so why not explore the Great Eastern Drive.

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