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Extreme Landings at Melbourne Airport

Extreme landings at #MelbourneAirport were experienced by wild winds last Saturday.  Gusts of up to 130km per hour swept through the state prompting severe weather warnings to be issued around Victoria as a strong cold front headed for the southwest parts of the state.

Extreme Landings - Melbourne

Extreme Landings – Melbourne


During winter, planes are sometimes diverted to inter-state airports as thick fog blankets the city and Melbourne Airport.

Last week, at least two flights were forced to divert as heavy fog reduced visibility. A pilot whilst descending into Melbourne judged the fog was too heavy for the plane to land safely. He was then forced to abandon the landing and return to the sky. It circled near Werribee before diverting to Sydney.

Foggy conditions were caused by cold overnight temperatures, light winds combined with some low-lying moisture in the atmosphere which helped to generate the thick fog.

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