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Experience Overseas Easter Traditions

Just like other holidays, every country has a different way of celebrating Easter. Some countries hide eggs in fields and require children to go hunting for those eggs, while others hold huge parades filled with giant balloons and religious statues.

If you have celebrated Easter the same way for many years, you might be yearning to have your family experience something new and exciting. The following are some examples of Easter traditions that you will experience if you choose to grab a long-haul flight and travel overseas this Easter holiday season.

Experience overseas traditions this Easter

Experience overseas traditions this Easter                                         Photo credit: Alexandra E Rust / Flickr

Brilliant Fireworks Display in Greece

Fireworks are commonly associated with New Year’s Day celebrations, but should you travel to Greece during Easter expect to see a beautiful fireworks display. Many local towns and cities throughout Greece will set off fireworks at midnight to celebrate the start of the Easter holiday.

That isn’t all you will experience in Greece. Locals have a tradition of serving lamb stomach stew immediately following the fireworks display. It is served as a light breakfast as everyone prepares for a huge feast at dinner.

Wondering what is for dinner in Greece? Dinner is roasted lamb, the very same lamb that provided you with your light breakfast!

Take Part in a Procession of the Cross in India

Several towns throughout India, particularly the state of Goa, host long processions of the cross. Hundreds of individuals will line the streets and walk behind a giant wooden cross.

After the event, numerous vendors will serve up some of the most mouth-watering curry dishes. Sit down and enjoy the meal.

Easter is a Time for Kite Flying in Bermuda

Bermuda takes a light-hearted approach to its Easter celebrations. While you might find the occasional procession of the cross or Easter vigil, more than likely you will be greeted with fun, light-hearted events that are uniquely designed for Easter.

A favourite Easter tradition in Bermuda is kite flying. Children young and old, and even those who are young at heart, gather around and fly handmade kites. No one is exactly sure how this tradition started, but it is thought to have been a way to explain Easter to local children by travelling missionaries. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of tiny kites flying through the sky at Easter in Bermuda.

Even the food that is eaten in Bermuda is fun and festive. Hot cross buns and cod cakes are served by almost every restaurant or vendor in the area. If you want to experience a traditional Easter, make sure to try one or both of these items.

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