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Ace Airport Parking – Finalist – 2017 Hume Business Awards

The 2017 Hume Business Awards sponsored by Melbourne Airport, SBS Radio and the Hume City Council were announced at the annual award night in October.

The Hume Business Awards acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of Hume businesses and the contribution they have made to the Hume economy and the wider community. Hume City’s businesses support the economic prosperity of the region by providing employment opportunities and delivering exceptional products and services.

The Ace Airport Team - 2017 Hume Business Awards - Finalist

The Ace Airport Parking Team is recognised in the 2017 Hume Business Awards for Customer Service and Tourism & Hospitality.

There were 36 businesses selected as Finalists in the 2017 Hume Business Awards.  Ace Airport Parking was nominated as a Finalist for two of the Hume Business Awards in the categories of Customer Service and Tourism & Hospitality.

As a Finalist at the Awards, the Ace Airport Parking team demonstrated their commitment to customer service, tourism and hospitality by striving to provide a work environment where employee safety and well-being are paramount.  The team are passionate about offering fantastic customer service at a secure and conveniently located and cost-effective parking facility.  The team are committed to driving customer satisfaction and building long-term loyalty with customers.  They consistently receive feedback from customers who compliment the staff on going “above and beyond” their call of duty.

Ace Airport Parking operates in a highly competitive industry offering both short and long-term parking for corporate and leisure travellers departing from Melbourne and Essendon Airports.

Through experience and a thorough understanding of the market, Ace Airport Parking’s Team has demonstrated their well-defined set of values by treating all customers with the utmost respect, by listening carefully to customer’s requests to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the customer and the business.

We congratulate our Team at Ace Airport Parking for both their continued support and working together to be recognised in this year’s Hume Business Awards.

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Ace Airport Parking is passionate about offering fantastic customer service, convenience and security at Melbourne Airport, whilst giving back to our community.

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